Our Approach

What are you gonna hold on to? Motostrap The Motostrap solves that pressing question. What am I going to hold on to? This product is designed to be lightweight but strong enough to help the passenger feel safe and secure on the back of a motor vehicle. It is by no means a replacement for the safe operation of any motor vehicle. The Motostrap has answered this call and is on the way to being standard equipment with every Motorcycle, Atv or Scooter purchase.

Our Story

I pulled up to a red light one cold day, a motorcycle pulls up with a supermodel on the back. I looked at her she looked down at me and then it happened. The light changed! As the driver took off she wasn’t ready and grasp at his waist to hold on for her life. That is when the MotoStrap was born. Why don’t they have a strap for that?

The Motostrap started as an idea that came to life at a red light and has bloomed into a necessary item that needs to be standard equipment with every Motorcycle, ATV, Scooter & Jet Ski.


First Prototype

Made with basic nylon this is the first Protoype every created in 2008



The Second Prototype made a little better but not quite the final product.


Final Revision 3

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Next Steps…

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